Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept exchanges?

Yes, we can buy your vehicle even if you do not purchase from us.

Can you buy my vehicle?

Yes, we will be able to buy your vehicle after submitting your vehicle to an appraisal. You will receive a written offer that is valid for 7 days.

Can I get an online appraisal?

You can make an appointment online with one of our appraisers at 514 250-3727, but you should absolutely come by our branch to meet us and get your vehicle appraised. In order to determine a price, the appraiser must inspect the vehicle and proceed to a road test.

How can I make an appointment with an appraiser and get an offer?

You can make an appointment at 514 250-3727 or by filling out the form and coming by to meet us. The appraisal takes around 30 minutes and you will receive an offer afterwards.

What happens to the vehicles purchased by Entrepôt Auto Durocher?

Each vehicle must go through our 85-point inspection. If the vehicle does not meet our quality standards, it will be sold to other merchants or at an auction.

How is Entrepôt Auto Durocher different from other merchants or dealers?

Usually, dealerships or merchants will only buy your trade-in vehicle if you are purchasing a new vehicle from them. Entrepôt Auto Durocher agrees to buy your vehicle even if your trade-in does not involve a new transaction. In addition, Entrepôt Auto Durocher allows you 7 days to think about our offer.

Is my offer negotiable?

Entrepôt Auto Durocher's appraisal is a concept of transparency. There is no need to negotiate the value of your vehicle because we offer you the right value for it every time.

Could my vehicle’s mechanical condition affect the amount of my offer?

Yes, we suggest that you inform the appraiser of any mechanical repairs and maintenance that have been performed on the vehicle. This may have an impact on your offer.

What could influence the price of my offer?

Many factors can vary the offer, such as the year, model, mileage, mechanical, esthetics, the various options on the vehicle as well as history and previous damages. Moreover, during the road test, your vehicle’s behaviour can also give us hints on its condition.

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