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At Auto Durocher, we know that some people have major concerns when purchasing a used vehicle. That’s why we offer warranties and protection plans to give you peace of mind.

Warranties and Protection Plans - Auto Durocher

We transfer the manufacturers’ warranties that are in effect.

Warranties and Protection Plans - Auto Durocher

We offer basic and extended warranties on all our pre-inspected and pre-verified vehicles so you can rest assured that your vehicle is in good condition.

Warranties and Protection Plans - Auto Durocher

We also verify the Carfax Canada history report and the RDPRM will be disclosed at the time of your purchase for a fully transparent transaction.

So that your vehicle is reliable and gives you confidence!

Our Vehicles Are
Inspected and Repaired

The confidence of a reliable vehicle

Our Basic Warranty

All vehicles up to 5 years old with a maximum of 80,000 km on the odometer are covered by a “warranty of fitness.” This warranty covers any parts and labour required to ensure the proper functioning of the vehicle.

The warranty of fitness is required by law and only applies to newer used vehicles. The warranty period is determined by the year the vehicle went on the market and its kilometrage. It enters into effect upon delivery.

Categories of warranties of fitness:

2 years or less and not exceeding 40,000 km
> warranty duration of 6 months or 10,000 km
3 years or less and not exceeding 60,000 km
> warranty duration of 3 months or 5,000 km
5 years or less and not exceeding 80,000 km
> warranty duration of 1 month or 1,700 km
A vehicle over 5 years and/or 80,000 km
> no warranty

Our extended protection plans

Most vehicles need repairs at some point, that’s a given. That’s why Auto Durocher offers an extended warranty on most vehicles under 10 years old. We provide warranties ranging from 12 to 60 months with variable mileage limits ranging from 5,000 km up to 180,000 km.

No matter where you are in Canada, the warranty covers:

Warranties and Protection Plans - Auto Durocher

Repair costs

Warranties and Protection Plans - Auto Durocher

24/7 roadside assistance

Warranties and Protection Plans - Auto Durocher

The remaining warranty balance can be transferred to the new buyer upon vehicle resale

Don’t worry, a simple call to 1 844 421-2040 will locate the nearest service center to you. If the vehicle is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, Auto Durocher offers protection plans that take this period into account, and the price is adjusted accordingly.

Warranties and Protection Plans - Auto Durocher

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