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Our advanced video call tool allows you to speak to one of our financial advisors right away. They will ask you all the questions required to complete your pre-authorization request.
In-Person Meeting - Auto Durocher

Get pre-approved

Thanks to our exclusive technology, our financing advisor analyzes and determines the ideal financing plan for you. He not only informs you about the amount you are eligible for and the associated interest rate but also how to get a higher-quality vehicle at a lower cost.
In-Person Meeting - Auto Durocher

Vehicle selection

Meet our financing advisor and, with your pre-approved amount, find the vehicle that best meets your needs. This will give you a clear idea of the weekly payment amounts associated with each vehicle option
In-Person Meeting - Auto Durocher

Drive home in your new vehicle

It’s that easy! With pre-approval and your selected vehicle, you can complete your purchase and may even have the chance to leave with your vehicle the same day!

Tailored Financing Solution

No matter your credit situation

In-Person Meeting - Auto Durocher

1st chance at credit

Intended for those just starting in the world of credit or looking to build their history.
In-Person Meeting - Auto Durocher

2nd chance at credit

Designed for individuals who have previously faced financial hardships but are seeking to recover.
In-Person Meeting - Auto Durocher

3rd chance at credit

For those who have encountered major credit challenges and want to regain control of their finances.

Exclusive Technology

A solution powered by technology

Our exclusive technology is a cutting-edge technology that allows us to compare all financing plans in just a few clicks. This way, we can quickly get an overview of the different financing durations, amounts, and rates granted based on the vehicle’s value. The result often includes offers where a higher-value vehicle is presented to you with preferential rates and more favorable payments.

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