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VitrXpert - Auto Durocher

Auto glass repair

The longer you wait, the harder it will be to replace your windshield. At Entrepôt Auto Durocher, we make every effort to repair your auto glass to avoid a full replacement.
VitrXpert - Auto Durocher
VitrXpert - Auto Durocher

Windshield replacement

Our installers always use premium glass. Take advantage of the best deal on the market and the sound advice of our professionals. We use PowerCure technology, allowing us to install your windshield with an adhesive curing time of only 1 hour.
VitrXpert - Auto Durocher
VitrXpert - Auto Durocher


If your insurance covers broken glass, you won’t have to pay anything for windshield repair. We work with all insurance companies and we’ll take care of everything.
VitrXpert - Auto Durocher
VitrXpert - Auto Durocher

Free lifetime repairs

We offer the best lifetime warranty on the market when you decide on a windshield replacement. We’ll take care of all repairs without filing any claim to your insurer.

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Auto glass replacement and repair

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VitrXpert - Auto Durocher

The Advantages of VitrXpert Service

At Entrepôt Auto Durocher
VitrXpert - Auto Durocher

High Installation

VitrXpert - Auto Durocher

Manufacturer-approved windshields

VitrXpert - Auto Durocher

Free lifetime repairs

VitrXpert - Auto Durocher

Driver assistance system recalibration

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