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Credit coach - Auto Durocher

Why a Credit Coach?

A Partner for Your Financial Future

At Auto Durocher, buying a car is not just a transaction but a long-term commitment. Our innovative Credit Coach service provides you with a personalized ‘game plan’ to meet your needs, leveraging the expertise of our specialized finance advisors. Whether you’re a new driver or looking to improve your interest rate, we’re here to guide you at every step to enhance your credit profile.

A Credit Coach To Improve Your Credit Profile

How does it work?

A financial coaching service may seem new to you, but it is fundamental for optimizing your financial life.
Credit coach - Auto Durocher

Customized game plan:

Our advisor works with you to create a customized game plan based on your current situation and goals. The game plan will cover a period of 1 to 2 years.
Credit coach - Auto Durocher


At each step of your game plan, you will receive a reminder from your advisor to ensure you don’t forget to complete it. This could involve applying for a credit card, opening a savings account, or coming back to reassess your rate, for example.
Credit coach - Auto Durocher

Improvement of
your situation:

By rigorously following your game plan, you increase the confidence of financial institutions in your credit profile. They will see less risk in granting you a loan, and you will secure a better interest rate.
In short, the Credit Coach guides you toward a more stable financial future while enabling you to access a vehicle that suits you.

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Credit coach - Auto Durocher

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