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If traditional financial institutions have already denied you a first or even a second chance at credit due to your history, don’t despair. There are other paths to explore. The field of financing is complex, and only a few experts are truly competent to navigate through more challenging credit profiles. At Auto Durocher, our team of specialists is specifically trained to maximize the success chances of your application, even in the case of 3rd chance credit. With a 99% approval rate, we are confident in our ability to identify a solution tailored to your financial context.
3rd chance - Auto Durocher

A Preferred Solution for the
3rd Chance at Credit

3rd chance - Auto Durocher
Our advisors prepare a credit recovery plan for you, giving you better chances to improve your situation for your next vehicle
3rd chance - Auto Durocher
No matter your situation, our financing experts treat you with the respect and attention you deserve.
3rd chance - Auto Durocher
Vehicles inspected at our own mechanical workshop to provide you with a lasting solution
3rd chance - Auto Durocher
Our artificial intelligence is at your service to find the best financing option available
3rd chance - Auto Durocher

The Risks of Poor
Financial Advice

Poor financial advice can not only harm your credit score but also compromise your long-term financial health. That’s why it’s crucial to turn to competent experts, especially when considering a 3rd chance at credit. At Auto Durocher, we understand the importance of treating each customer as a unique individual, not just a number in a file. You deserve a chance to improve your financial situation, and we are here to help you do it in the most effective way possible.

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