Three Things Guys do in Cars That Don’t Impress Girls

Three Things Guys do in Cars That Don’t Impress Girls

The world of cars is somehow closely related to finding one’s soulmate, or so it would seem when you see how some guys act on the road. For different reasons, our car is much more than a means of transport in the eyes of some. It’s an obvious symbol of our success and although they do not openly admit it, many guys see in their car an irresistible bait to get the attention of young ladies walking in the street.

Obviously, reality is often different. Our girlfriends will tell us that although they want their boyfriend to at least own a car, the type of car and its price are usually of little importance. There are exceptions, of course, but a clean and safe car is often enough.

That Ferrari or Jeep Wrangler with its suspension jacked up to the clouds are often unnecessary. If the guy is caring and also has a Lambo, then fine, but if the Lambo is driven by a guy who doesn’t respond to our texts and disappears on Friday night ... then the car won’t be enough.

Guys sometimes have trouble grasping this subtlety. Not all guys, it's true, but some. The car counts much less than the guy who drives it, that's the reality. So gentlemen, with summer around the corner and Grand Prix weekend coming up, there are certain behaviors that you can take off your list, no matter how beautiful, fast, or expensive your car happens to be.

Revving Your Engine at Every Corner

Your Porsche’s sound will have guys going nuts, but chances are it’s really only the guys that will be impressed. If you let go of a strident exhaust note strong enough to make you deaf like the morning after a night at the club as a group of girls walk down the street, it's likely that the only reaction you'll ever get is a few rolling eyes.

Blasting Your Music

The artist you're listening to is probably very cool and the incessant boom-boom of your modified sound system is powerful enough to shake the ground, but in the end you’ll probably only get a laugh from the girls on the sidewalk. There’s just something about guys dying for attention that turns girls off, and playing your sound system on maximum with the windows down is a clear sign that you need to get some looks right now.

Accelerating Like a Teen Who Has Just Gotten His License

A lot of girls like speed, no doubt about it. So, take your girl out for a few laps on a race track if you want to impress her. You shouldn’t be doing it on Metropolitan Boulevard. The guys trying to pretend they are F1 drivers in rush hour ultimately don’t get it. Scaring our girlfriend is never a good thing, gentlemen.

In the end, our car will have a much more positive impact if we don’t look like we are trying to flaunt it, or that it’s compensating for something. You already have the beautiful car, you have nothing to prove, so act like it.

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