The 35th annual Dunamis Gala

Laval, April 8th, 2016 – Almost 400 people proudly celebrated the success of Laval businesses during the 35th annual Dunamis Gala, which took place yesterday at the Chateau Royal in Laval. Entrepôt Auto Durocher is very proud to have won the trophy for the "best investment project". Among the 50 finalists in the competition held by the Laval Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIL), the 17 winners are equally distinguished within their fields. “We’re particularly proud of the businesspeople in Laval who have once again demonstrated their dynamism, perseverance, and drive to succeed,” said Chantal Provost, the president and general manager of the CCIL.


Dunamis 2016 in emotions.
The evening began with a bang, featuring Laval artists – and twins -- Mathilde and
Raphaëlle Loranger. Their remarks conveyed and celebrated the determination, passion, and willingness to take chances that are all characteristics of Laval’s leading businesspeople. “It was a magical moment, ushered in by these young Laval artists. Thanks to their great talent, they were able to present a living, breathing image of the entrepreneurial spirit,” mentioned Mrs. Provost.

To underline the 35-year history of this contest, the audience was brought along on a trip back through time, highlighting the changing culture of the area throughout three different decades. The Chamber of Commerce took advantage of this occasion to present archival images from past galas, which were on display throughout the evening. “For the new generation of entrepreneurs, it’s important to see the impact of the Dunamis contest throughout the years. It allows us to be grateful for the hard work of industry pioneers, and those who paved the way for today’s business community,” mentioned Chanel Alepin, president of Business Succession in the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber also thanked Dominique Bodeven, general manager of the Laval Archives, for her hard work and contribution to this aspect of the gala.


Over 50 Collaborators Involved
There are more than 50 volunteers, partners, and sponsors who were involved in the 2016 Dunamis competition, without whom this event would not have been possible. Many thanks to Vincent Trudel, principal accounts manager for commercial financial services in Laval at the Royal Bank of Canada, who presided over the competition committee for the 6th consecutive year.