How to preserve the resale value of our car

How to preserve the resale value of our car

It’s quite normal to want to preserve the resale value of our car and therefore avoid the sharp depreciation that comes with any new model. Although you can’t stop depreciation, you can still take a few steps to preserve the resale value of your car in the long run, and while some may require a small investment initially, the will be worth it in the end.

Here are some tips that will help you preserve the resale value of your car.

Protect the body

A car rusted or covered with small dents and scratches will certainly not have a great resale value. It is therefore important to protect the paint and bodywork of our car as soon as we buy it. To do this, add a protective layer called “wrap" to your vehicle upon delivery, and also be sure to check if your car is protected from rust at the factory. The "wrap" protects sensitive parts of your car from scratches and small rocks that hit it continuously and is virtually invisible.

Protect the passenger compartment

At the time of purchase, opt for a fabric sealer to protect your seats from stains. Next, be sure to install winter mats to protect your original mats against salt and calcium build-up in winter. Finally, if you have leather seats, be sure to apply moisturizing treatment on a regular basis to avoid cracking.

Do your regular maintenance and service appointments

There is nothing better than presenting the entire maintenance history of a vehicle to a potential buyer at the time of resale. This is what will make your vehicle stand out while ensuring optimal performance until the moment of sale.

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