Five things other drivers do that annoy us on the road

Five things other drivers do that annoy us on the road

Even if you left the house in a good mood in the morning, the way many people drive out on the road can quickly ruin your day before it even starts.

From the car driving at 90 km/h in the left lane on the highway to the truck that cuts us off without warning and without putting on a turn signal at the last second, the roads are a mixture of various annoying behavior. Some are really dangerous while others will mostly make us let out a word or two we wouldn’t want our kids to hear.

What is certain is that no one would miss the following behaviors if they disappeared forever from our roads.  

Driving too slowly in the left lane

The Highway Safety Code is very clear regarding the use of the left lane on the highway. It’s there to pass, and only to pass. Driving too slowly is that lane is therefore not allowed in the true sense of the law, but it seems that many drivers didn’t get the memo.

What is certain is that slowing traffic by driving too slowly in the left lane is annoying and ultimately leads to traffic. So, after you’ve passed the car you wanted to pass, why not move back into the right lane?

No turn signal or changing lanes without warning

You don’t have to drive very long to see another driver change lanes without putting on his turn signal. Sometimes this driver appears directly in front of us and you have to brake to avoid the collision. Cars have turn signals, side-view mirrors and sometimes even blind-spot monitoring systems for one reason, to avoid cutting off other drivers.

Exiting without looking

This also happens way too much. You see the other car approach the exit, hesitate, and then go which forces us to slow down or change lanes in a panic to avoid the accident. A car approaching at 60 km/h is going a lot faster than we think, and so it’s wise to give ourselves as much room as possible when merging onto the road. Otherwise, we are at the mercy of the other driver. If he is distracted, then an accident is sure to happen.

Braking profusely

While not necessarily dangerous, repetitive braking when there is no reason is one of the most frustrating behaviors on the road. We have all been there, the car ahead of us that applies the brakes continuously just to maintain its cruising speed. Why not just modulate the accelerator more precisely?

Following too closely

It may be because we are driving too slowly in the left lane, but often it is because the driver behind us is in too much of a hurry and is therefore riding our tail. In traffic, it's useless to follow the other car two inches from the bumper and it certainly won’t make things go any faster. It is better to leave a safe distance in the event that the car ahead has to brake suddenly.

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