A Few Tips to Get Your Car Ready for a First Date

A Few Tips to Get Your Car Ready for a First Date

A first date is always stressful, although we wouldn’t trade the euphoria it generates for anything in the world. Choosing the right clothes is of the utmost importance, almost as much as where we’re taking our date. We want everything to be perfect without it looking like we wanted everything to be perfect. It's an art.

One thing we don’t want to neglect is our car. Simply having a car is already a big plus but having a clean car that is in working order is even better. No need to show up in Ferrari (and if so, maybe rethink your selection criteria for your dates), but we don’t want our date to sit in a dump.

Here are three things to check in order to get your car ready for a first date. Follow these tips and the chances of a second date increase dramatically.

Clean the Interior

The exterior of the car is important, but not as much as the interior. A dirty car will pass as long as the interior is clean. We must understand that the interior of our car is a reflection of our personality and our life in general.

If it's messy with dust everywhere, fast food containers scattered here and there, and our unwashed hockey equipment on the back seat, no amount of charm and good looks can save us.

Simple Tip: Anything that is food and/or doesn’t smell good must be removed immediately. Use a cloth to clean up the dashboard and vacuum the carpets and seats. In short, make your date want to spend time with you in the car and show her that you are the type to clean up after yourself.

Freshen the Air

After cleaning the inside, why not add an air freshener? We quickly get used to the smell of our car, good or bad, and making sure that we have a car that smells good will leave a positive first impression when our date steps in.

Quiet the Brakes

Having a clean interior that smells good is certainly enough to get most dates started on the right foot. That said, if you have the time, it may be wise to go to the mechanic to finally repair your noisy brakes or that hissing alternator belt.

In doing so, you are showing your date that you care about the important things in life and that the safety of your passengers is important. You’ll also feel a lot better about yourself as you pull up to the restaurant without your brakes announcing to everyone that you have arrived.

The car we drive should have no impact on how our date perceives us, it's true. It's our personality that counts, also true. Cleaning our car and ensuring that it is in good condition will give our personality the chance to shine.

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