Choose the Best Warranty for You!

Basic Warranty

All vehicles of less than 5 years and less than 80,000 km are covered by a performance. 

This warranty is put into effect at delivery. It covers parts and labour required to ensure the vehicle's good performance.

The coverage of this warranty, required by law, is as follows:

Good Working Order Warranty

The Good Working Order Warranty only applies to recent pre-owned vehicles. The duration of the guarantee varies according to the year the vehicle was released and its mileage.

Good Working Order Warranty categories:

A: 2 years or less and no more than 40,000km --> duration of warranty is 6 months or 10,000km

B: 3 years or less and no more than 60,000km --> duration of warranty is 3 months or 5,000km

C: 5 years or less and no more than 80,000km -->6 months or 1,700km

D: More than 5 years and/or more than 80,000km --> no warranty

Extended Warranty

Most vehicles will require repairs sooner or later. These unexpected expenses can make the end of the month uncomfortable. That is why Entrepôt Auto Durocher offers an extended warranty on most vehicles, those of less than 10 years.

We offer warranties ranging from 12 to 60 months, with varying mileage restrictions, from 5,000 to 180,000km. The warranty covers the cost of repairs. Also, 24/7 Roadside Assistance is included. The warranty balance is transferable to the new purchaser when reselling the vehicle.

No matter where you are in Canada, this warranty is designed to protect you. No need to worry, simply call 1 800 363-4567 to find the nearest service in your area.

If the vehicle is still covered by the manufacturer's warranty, Entrepôt Auto Durocher offers protection plans that account for this period. The price is also adjusted accordingly. As we must purchase the extended warranty at the vehicle's purchase, this adjustment effectively enables extending the original warranty.

Entrepôt Auto Durocher offers three extended warranties:

  • Protection 25 
  • Ancillary
  • Full Warranty
3/30 Warranty

3-Day or 100km Satisfaction Warranty

If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, simply return your vehicle within 3 days following the possession of your vehicle, and you will be able to exchange it for another vehicle.

30-Day Exchange Program Warranty

  • Entrepôt Auto Durocher's 30-day exchange program protects you against major breakdowns that could occur. 
  • The vehicle can only be exchanged due to major deficient mechanical problems.
  • This warranty is applicable for 30 days or up to 1,700km (whichever comes first) following the delivery date. 
  • Only one exchange per customer is allowed. In addition, the exchange can only be granted at the purchase of another vehicle of equal or higher value (with a payment of the balance by the customer).
  • All accessories installed on the first vehicle can then be transferred at the customer's expense. If the accessories are not transferable, they will not be reimbursed.
  • The exchanged vehicle must be in the same conditions as at delivery. 
  • The exchange program does not apply to customers who have benefitted from second chance at credit or from alternative financing.
  • The exchange program warranty cannot be transferred, assigned, exchanged, or sold.
  • The exchanged vehicle must have been previously inspected by Entrepôt Auto Durocher.
All of our Protection Plans are accredited by the Office of Consumer Protection as well as by AMVOQ.
CarProof Report

We have nothing to hide at Entrepôt Auto Durocher; actually, we want to show everything. That's why we offer CarProof audit reports with all of our vehicles. These comprehensive reports scrutinize a vehicle's past and list its transactions and claims.

CarProof is a Canadian company that provides consumers with a complete file on a covered vehicle. This file includes the vehicles detailed history.

A Detailed Record
Entrepôt Auto Durocher is proud to join with this reputable company that uses a database updated in real time.
Nothing to Hide
Get information about the importation of vehicles registered in Canada. Also, estimates of repair costs and all claims made to insurance companies are listed. CarProof covers everything starting from the date the vehicle was commissioned.
Proved to be Effective
CarPoof is also endorsed by provincial automotive associations, dealer corporations, consumers protection groups, car auctions, law enforcement officials, as well as private insurance companies.

For all of these reasons, Entrepôt Auto Durocher established a partnership with CarProof in order to provide our customers with extra peace of mind in addition to Entrepôt Auto Durocher's warranties.

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